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American International

American International

AIG UAE is an insurance company based in Dubai, offering a wide range of insurance products and services to both individuals and businesses. The company provides solutions in areas such as property insurance, motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and liability insurance. With a focus on customer satisfaction, AIG UAE is committed to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. The company operates from its headquarters in Dubai and has a network of branches and affiliates across the country.

AIG UAE is a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), a global insurance and financial services company. AIG was founded in 1919 and has a long history of providing innovative and effective insurance solutions to clients around the world. The management team at AIG UAE is led by CEO, Sachin Kukale, who has extensive experience in the insurance industry.

AIG UAE has achieved significant growth and success, including winning the 'Digital Insurer of the Year' award at the 2019 Gulf Insurance Awards. The company continues to innovate and expand its offerings, striving to remain at the forefront of the insurance industry in the UAE.

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27th Floor, 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 1, Dubai, UAE