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AstroLabs is a coworking space provider in Dubai, offering a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs and startups to work, learn, and grow. Located in the heart of Dubai’s technology and innovation hub, the coworking space features private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks with access to high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and event spaces. AstroLabs also provides a range of services and programs to support startups, including mentorship, networking events, and educational workshops. With a focus on creating a community of like-minded individuals, AstroLabs aims to foster innovation and collaboration among Dubai’s burgeoning startup ecosystem.

AstroLabs was founded in 2015 by Muhammed Mekki and Louis Lebbos, who identified a gap in the market for a coworking space that provided more than just a physical workspace. With backgrounds in entrepreneurship and tech, the founders set out to create a community-driven space that would offer support and resources to startups and entrepreneurs.

Since its founding, AstroLabs has become a leading coworking space provider in Dubai, with a second location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company has received numerous awards for its innovative approach, including the “Best Coworking Space in the UAE” at the Arabian Business Startup Awards in 2019.

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Parkside Retail Level, Cluster R, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE