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CAMB.AI Raises $4 Million Seed Round Led by Courtside Ventures

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

09 February 2024

CAMB.AI, a Dubai-based speech AI company specializing in instant dubbing in over 100 languages, raises a $4 million seed round led by Courtside Ventures. The investment, which includes support from various notable investors, will fuel the company's growth and global expansion.

Since its inception in 2022, CAMB.AI has developed cutting-edge technology, including MARS TTS and BOLI Translator, which preserve emotion and nuance in voice localization. The company's dedication to inclusivity is evident in its ability to translate languages like Afrikaans, Malay, and Basque.

With clients including Major League Soccer, Tennis Australia, and more, CAMB.AI's dubbed content has garnered over 100 million views. Its innovative AI technology enables contextual translations, cross-lingual voice cloning, and background score preservation, revolutionizing the traditional dubbing process.

CEO Avneesh Prakash expresses excitement for CAMB.AI's future growth, noting partnerships with Major League Soccer and Tennis Australia to test and implement its translation technology. The company anticipates accelerated development and global expansion with the support of its investor group.