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Dubai Climate Tech Startup Olive Gaea Secures $1M for Net Zero SaaS Platform

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

20 October 2023

Dubai's climate tech startup Olive Gaea has successfully secured $1 million in funding from Cornerstone Ventures. The capital will be used to launch 'Zero by Olive Gaea,' a SaaS platform aimed at addressing the challenges businesses face in their net zero and carbon management efforts in the MENA region. A significant number of businesses struggle to measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet carbon reduction targets. Olive Gaea, with its experience serving governments and private entities in the MENA and India region, is well-positioned to assist in decarbonisation and net zero journeys.

Founded in 2021, Olive Gaea offers a sustainability-as-a-service platform for carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and net zero efforts. It integrates ESG and climate tech, providing AI-driven solutions to promote corporate climate action and decrease carbon emissions. The startup also offers consulting services for GHG emission reduction strategies, carbon offsetting, and life cycle analysis. 'Zero,' the company's carbon management and accounting platform, aims to simplify data collection, analysis, and reporting for businesses.

Olive Gaea has introduced a Carbon Neutral Delivery API solution for ecommerce companies, enabling them and their customers to calculate and offset emissions from last-mile delivery through certified carbon offsetting projects. Cornerstone Ventures fund is committed to supporting next-generation technologies and business models, including SaaS innovations, Web3 ecosystems, and carbon neutrality solutions, with a focus on Series A and Series B investments.

With this funding and its innovative solutions, Olive Gaea is poised to make a significant impact on the efforts of businesses in the MENA region to address climate challenges and move closer to achieving net zero goals.