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Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus

Dtec is a technology hub located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. It provides entrepreneurs and startups with resources to develop their business and turn their innovative ideas into reality. Dtec offers several services, including co-working spaces, access to mentors, networking opportunities, and funding opportunities. The hub has a vibrant community of entrepreneurs from different industries, creating a diverse ecosystem that fosters collaboration and innovation. Dtec's location in Dubai Silicon Oasis also provides startups with access to a network of established technology companies, academic institutions, and research centers, providing them with a range of resources and opportunities to grow their businesses.

Dtec was founded in 2015 by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), a government-owned organization that promotes and supports the development of technology industries in the region. The CEO of DSOA is Hans Christensen, who has extensive experience in the technology industry and has been instrumental in driving the growth of Dubai Silicon Oasis. Since its inception, Dtec has been recognized for its role in fostering entrepreneurship in the region.

The hub has helped several startups scale their businesses and has been a significant contributor to the growth of the technology industry in Dubai. Dtec has also received several awards, including the Best Startup Accelerator Award at the Gulf Capital SME Awards and the Best Startup Incubator Award at the Arabian Business Startup Awards.

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Technohub 1, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE