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EMPG is a leading technology and real estate company that operates a portfolio of diverse businesses in the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The company's headquarters are located in Dubai, with additional offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Spain, and the Philippines. EMPG operates several online real estate portals, including Bayut, Zameen, and Mubawab, that connect property buyers, sellers, and renters with agents and developers. The company also provides a range of digital marketing services, data analytics, and proptech solutions to its clients. EMPG is committed to leveraging technology to disrupt the real estate industry and create a more transparent and efficient market for its customers.

EMPG was founded in 2005 by Mr. Imran Ali Khan and Mr. Zeeshan Ali Khan, who currently serve as Co-CEOs of the company. The brothers have extensive experience in the technology and real estate industries and have been instrumental in driving the growth of EMPG. Under their leadership, the company has expanded rapidly, acquiring several leading online real estate portals and launching new businesses in emerging markets.

EMPG has also received several awards and recognition for its innovative approach to the real estate industry, including being named the Best Real Estate Portal in the UAE by the Arabian Business Awards in 2020. The company is committed to continuous innovation and is constantly exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the real estate experience for its clients.

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Gate Village Building 10, Office No. 26, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, UAE