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EXIT99 Design Studio

EXIT99 Design Studio

Exit99 is a Dubai-based digital agency that specializes in providing Thinkific services to online course creators. The company offers a range of services, including course design and development, platform setup and customization, marketing and promotion, and ongoing support and maintenance. Exit99's team of experts helps course creators to create engaging and effective online courses that attract and retain learners. The company's office is located in the heart of Dubai's business district, making it easily accessible for clients who need face-to-face consultations or meetings.

Exit99 was founded in 2017 by a team of digital marketing professionals who saw an opportunity to help course creators reach a wider audience through online learning. The company's CEO, Samir Devani, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the digital industry. Devani has a deep understanding of the e-learning market and has helped numerous course creators to launch and grow their online businesses. Under his leadership, Exit99 has become one of the leading providers of Thinkific services in the Middle East, with a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Exit99's notable accomplishments include being awarded the Thinkific Expert badge, which is given to companies that have demonstrated exceptional expertise and knowledge of the Thinkific platform. The company has also been recognized for its outstanding customer service and has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients. Exit99 is committed to helping course creators achieve their goals and has a track record of success in helping clients to launch and grow profitable online courses. With its innovative approach to e-learning and its team of dedicated professionals, Exit99 is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the years to come.

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Office No. 1721, Al-Shatha Tower DMS, Dubai, UAE