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Exverse Raises $3M Funding for Web3 Gaming Project

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

16 February 2024

Exverse, a gaming startup based in Dubai, has raised $3 million in private funding led by Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital. The investment will fuel Exverse's upcoming alpha launch and establish strategic partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

The heart of Exverse's gaming experience lies in its ambitious three-planet ecosystem, catering to diverse playing styles while remaining interconnected within a unified timeline. Powered by Epic Games's Unreal Engine 5, Exverse leverages blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience.

With an alpha launch and a 5,000-player tournament slated for March, Exverse has already garnered significant interest, surpassing 65,000 verified signups. The game enables players to earn rewards by staking tokens before each season, with top performers receiving a share of profits from in-game NFTs such as cosmetics and skins.

Fei Ooi Hoong, CEO of Exverse, expressed the company's pioneering vision, emphasizing the importance of delivering a fun and visually captivating game before integrating token mechanics. Investors like Sayantan Mitra, partner at Cogitent Ventures, have echoed their confidence in Exverse's innovative approach.