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Dubai's GII Invests SR600 Million in Abeer for Affordable Healthcare Expansion

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

15 January 2024

Dubai's GII invests SR600 million in Saudi's Abeer Medical Company, solidifying its commitment to affordable healthcare in the Kingdom. Abeer plans to expand its scope and geographical footprint, adding more clinics and hospitals while introducing new brands.

GII's co-founder and co-CEO, Mohammed Alhassan, expresses excitement, stating the investment will fuel Abeer's growth through acquisitions, organic expansion, and new healthcare facilities. Abeer currently operates two hospitals and fourteen medical facilities.

This marks GII's second major healthcare investment in Saudi Arabia, following the acquisition of Al Meswak Dental Clinic. With over 80 locations across 20 cities, Al Meswak is a leading provider of dermatological and dental treatments, contributing to GII's SR1.6 billion healthcare assets in the Kingdom.

With assets totaling $4 billion, GII plays a significant role in shaping the healthcare landscape in Saudi Arabia, supporting Abeer's mission to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare services.