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Raiven Capital Launches $125 Million VC Fund in Dubai for Tech Startups

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

08 November 2023

Silicon Valley and Toronto-based venture capital firm Raiven Capital has inaugurated a $125 million venture capital fund in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The fund aims to nurture early and growth-stage tech companies in the MEASA region, emphasizing AI, IoT, and distributed ledger technology. It seeks to bolster digital platforms revolutionizing sectors like energy, food, health, and finance.

The fund's mission is to connect startups in the GCC, South Asia, and North/East Africa to European and North American markets, promoting regional and global competition. It also provides access to the Middle East and beyond for Raiven's existing startups and investors.

The CEO of DIFC Authority, Arif Amiri, welcomes Raiven Capital to DIFC, acknowledging the firm's support for the local startup ecosystem and technology sectors. The presence in DIFC opens avenues for global partnerships and resources in the MEASA region.

The fund, headquartered in Toronto, strengthens the link between Dubai and Canada, serving as a bridge between innovation hubs worldwide. The rapidly growing tech sector in the UAE attracts venture capitalists, addressing the need for financing in this evolving landscape.