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Saudi Arabia Plans Gaming and E-sports District in Qiddiya City

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

15 December 2023

Saudi Arabia plans a gaming and e-sports district in Qiddiya City to solidify its global position in the industry. The 500,000-square-meter facility, a part of the National Gaming and Esports strategy, aims to produce 30 games and create over 40,000 jobs by 2030. The district includes four top-tier e-sports venues, with one ranked among the world's top three. Saudi Arabia's gaming sector, led by the Qiddiya project, aligns with Vision 2030 economic goals and contributes to the nation's diversification strategy.

Qiddiya City, on the outskirts of Riyadh, is progressing in line with Vision 2030, with contracts worth 10 billion Saudi riyals awarded. The mega city, covering 360 square kilometers, is expected to house over 600,000 people and generate around 325,000 job opportunities annually. The gaming and e-sports district is a significant step towards Saudi Arabia's ambition to become a major global hub for gaming by 2030.

The National Gaming and Esports strategy includes a comprehensive investment plan, emphasizing the potential of the expanding market in the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Riyadh's efforts include the establishment of the Saudi Esports Federation and significant financial support for the gaming industry. The Qiddiya project, with its innovative gaming district, aligns with Saudi Arabia's vision for economic development and growth in the gaming sector.