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Tumodo: A B2B travel app based in Dubai raises $35 million to support growth

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

19 January 2024

A Dubai-based B2B travel company, Tumodo, has raised US$35 million in a pre-seed round to support its growth. The platform aims to simplify business travel for corporations, claiming that customers can use their services in as little as two minutes. Tumodo plans to expand to 25 additional nations and increase its market share in the Middle East and North Africa by 2026.

Founded in 2023, Tumodo is also working on an AI trip planning function to be integrated into the HR systems of its customers. The company's chief commercial officer, Stan Klyuy, stated that Tumodo's platform enhances employee productivity and ensures compliance with travel policies, ultimately reducing business travel-related expenses by 35% on average for its customers.

With partnerships with over 400 airlines and more than 2 million lodging options, Tumodo has over 100 clients in the MENA region. The company's goal is to streamline trip expense management and put business processes in place for its customers, making business travel more efficient and cost-effective.

The company has garnered $35 million in funding to fuel its expansion and technological developments, aiming to revolutionize the B2B travel industry in the region.