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UAE Startup Fuse Converts Vintage Cars to Electric, Paving the Way for Sustainable Mobility

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

1 December 2023

UAE-based start-up, Fuse, is pioneering the conversion of vintage cars to electric, contributing to sustainable mobility. The company, founded in 2022, provides engine conversion services and plans to offer pre-made kits for technicians to install. CEO Salman Hussain emphasizes the potential to save up to 80% of embedded emissions by converting existing vintage vehicles, supporting EV adoption with minimal environmental impact. The process involves removing the combustion engine, inspecting the vehicle, installing the EV drivetrain, and making necessary modifications for optimal performance.

Fuse aims to transition to pre-made kits, with a target price of approximately $20,000, making the conversion more accessible. While facing potential resistance from vintage car enthusiasts, Fuse sees the conversion as a way to preserve the cars' history while aligning with modern sustainability goals. The company showcased a 1998 Toyota Hilux with their kit at Cop28, emphasizing the feasibility and benefits of their conversion approach.

Salman Hussain reveals that engine swaps can be costly, ranging from Dh89,000 ($24,200) for cars to Dh40,000 and up for smaller vehicles. However, pre-made kits offer a more cost-effective solution, facilitating business growth. Despite potential challenges, Fuse remains optimistic about the future of converting vintage cars to electric power, emphasizing the importance of maintaining competitive pricing and addressing environmental concerns.

While vintage car enthusiasts may resist the shift to electric power, Fuse sees the conversion as a practical way to enjoy ownership, preserve heritage, and address challenges such as limited parts availability. The company anticipates a positive future, balancing the unique appearance and personality of vintage cars with the advantages of electric drivetrains in promoting sustainable mobility.