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WRKBay is a Dubai-based company that provides a platform for businesses to connect with freelancers and remote workers. They offer a variety of services such as virtual assistants, content creation, design and development, marketing, and project management. WRKBay aims to bridge the gap between businesses and talented professionals, giving companies the opportunity to access top-quality talent from all around the world. The company is located in the heart of Dubai, and their platform is accessible from anywhere in the world.

WRKBay was founded in 2018 by Ahmed El Gebaly, a Dubai-based entrepreneur. The management team includes experienced professionals from various fields such as technology, marketing, and business development. The company has quickly gained popularity in the region and has received recognition for its innovative approach to remote work. WRKBay has also been featured in various publications, including Entrepreneur Middle East and Gulf News.

The company's notable accomplishments include helping businesses increase their productivity by connecting them with skilled remote workers, contributing to the growth of the freelance economy, and offering a platform that allows freelancers to work from anywhere in the world.

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9B Zaa'beel Street, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE